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Solar Wind Watch, Star Brightens, Weather | S0 News Jul.28.2016

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Watching a Tropical System in the Atlantic Meteorologist keeping an eye on a newly formed invest in the Atlantic Ocean. 
Link to NOAA imagery 7/28/2016


Falsely nailing Russian intelligence for hacking DNC emails leaves the real culprits free to release more damning emails to bedevil Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency.
Jul 26, 2016, 6:33 PM (IDT)

Turkey closes more than 130 media organizations and formally discharges nearly 1,700 military officers as the crackdown over this month's failed coup expands, state media report. Complete coverage on

Video captures ISIS killers using nuns as human shields after slaughtering French priest - Fox News
One of the two knifemen who took five hostages, including two nuns, at the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray,church in Normandy Tuesday and cut the throat of the local priest, was on a terror watch list and out of jail for a few hours with an electronic tag. Last year, he tried to travel to Syria and was stopped. ISIS recently called on its followers in France to attack churches. This was the first time that a Christian religious site was attacked by jihadists in Europe.  DEBKAfile July 26, 2016, 4:36 PM (IDT)


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Democratic National Convention in Philly

Live coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention
DNC Democratic National Convention CNN 2016

News related to the Democratic Convention 

M The O'Reilly Factor 7/25/16 - Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton, Democratic National Convention
Donald Trump Response To Hillary Clinton, DNC at Press Conference 7/27/16
Hannity 7/25/16 | Donald Trump interview, Democratic Convention, DNC Leaks, Bernie Sanders booed


Chelsea vs Liverpool - Live Stream international champions cup 27/7/2016

Long Island Ducks vs. New Britain Bees 7/27/16 (Single Admission Doubleheader)

Kitten Academy Live Stream



  Events in Turkey! AntiChrist Origin? Giving Up Salvation? Chuck Missler QA
July 20th 2016

Perry Stone 7/25/2016

Visions of What Has Been and What Will Be  

Episode 825

Mid-East Prophecy 
Update JD Farag 7/24/2016

Sid Roth  -  Shawn Bolz Teaches How to Hear God's Voice Clearly 7/24/16 

Hal Lindsey 7/22/16
Jack Van Impe  7/30/16

Prophecy Watchers  7/26/16

Ron Rhodes: 

The Prophecies of Daniel

SkyWatchTV News 7/21/16

Istanbul, Not Constantinople

John Angerberg -  What responsibilities has God given to Christians during any election?

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Variety of music throughout a 24 hour period. Listen at different times to get a feel. Hebrew and English lyrics. Nice mix. You might like to play this softly for background when you are online.

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