July 28th, 2017
When you attend a major league baseball game or a concert in a civic arena; when you go to Disneyland or go to the airport to fly to Disneyland, you pass through a metal detector.

No big deal, right? Thanks to Muslim terrorists, it's pretty much a fact of life now.

But not if you're a Muslim who might want to smuggle weapons onto the most disputed few acres of ground in the world. Then it's a travesty of human rights that must be fought with violence, the burning of cars, and attacks on the police charged with protecting the public safety.

If the authorities dare challenge your right to enter this compound without inspection (even though Christians, Jews, and all others must do it), then it justifies a "Day of Rage" against them.

Sounds absurd, doesn't it?

But it's par for the course with the Palestinian Authority, who apparently want Muslims to be able to enter the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with weapons other than rocks.

After four Palestinian men smuggled weapons onto Temple Mount and used them to kill two Israeli policemen, Israel installed metal detectors at the entrances to the complex. Then they required everyone -- Muslims included -- to pass through the detectors before entering the compound.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called for a "Day of Rage" in protest. He got it.

Palestinians rioted and attacked Israeli police and IDF soldiers.

The P.A., the Fatah Party, Hamas, and other Palestinian leaders deceptively told their people that the metal detectors were forcing the Temple Mount to be "shut down" or closed. Many believed them.

In fact, one young Palestinian man was so outraged at the supposed 'closure' of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, he scaled the fence surrounding the Jewish village of Halamish. He entered the private residence of a Jewish family of ten who were just completing their Shabbat dinner. He attacked and stabbed four adults, killing three.

Fortunately, an IDF soldier on leave in the neighboring house, heard the screams and rushed to the rescue. He shot through the window and wounded the attacker.

Before he committed the murders, the young Palestinian man posted a message on his Facebook page. He was outraged at the "closure" of the Temple Mount and called on other Muslims to get their guns and fight the Israelis. He believed Abbas' lie and three Jews -- a grandfather and his adult son and daughter -- died. The grandmother lies in critical condition.

Yet Mahmoud Abbas had the gall to call the White House and ask the United States to intervene in a "dangerous" situation that he deliberately created!

After the United Nations, King Abdullah of Jordan, and many others called on Israel to maintain the "status quo" on the Temple Mount, the Israeli Security Cabinet relented and ordered the removal of the metal detectors.

They announced that "smart inspection" of entrants to the compound would be conducted through "advanced technological means," such as cameras and facial recognition scans. It will cost Israel millions of shekels, but the Cabinet felt it necessary.

Of course, Mahmoud Abbas is already protesting the "smart inspections" and I'm confident rioting and mayhem will return.

With every episode such as this, Israelis grow ever more tired of the constant trouble that accompanies Muslim control of Temple Mount. That's why so many world figures are suddenly calling for Israel to maintain the "status quo." They know that, at some point, the Israelis might finally say, "Enough is enough," and take back control of the compound.

It seems impossible, but it's not such a farfetched idea. In fact, Bible prophecy predicts it.

Daniel 9 tells of a time in the future when the Antichrist will make a covenant with Israel. That covenant will initiate the last seven years before Jesus Christ returns to the earth in the Second Coming.

It says that in the middle of that seven years, Antichrist will "put a stop to sacrifice and grain offerings" in the Temple. (Daniel 9:27)

Now, Antichrist can only stop the sacrifice and grain offerings if they are already taking place. And they can only take place in the Temple -- on Temple Mount. And they haven't happened there since the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D.

That means that sometime between now and the middle of the Tribulation, a third Temple must be built. On Temple Mount.

As unlikely as it seemed just a few years ago, there is now a vibrant and growing movement in Israel to build a third Temple on Temple Mount. Which will surely mean war. Just as the Bible predicts.

As usual, not only is Israel fighting enemies within, they are fighting enemies without. Once again, the United Nations, through its agency UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), is attacking the Jewish state by attacking its heritage.

Earlier this month, UNESCO voted to declare the ancient Jewish city of Hebron a Palestinian world heritage site. They say it is "endangered."

Hebron is the site of the "Tomb of the Patriarchs." The Jewish Patriarchs, not the Palestinian Patriarchs. How can the Palestinians -- who have never existed as a people group (both their name and history are fabricated) -- have patriarchs?

To call Hebron "endangered" is scandalous and insulting. Unlike so many of the world's historic treasures under Muslim control, Hebron is fully protected by the government of Israel. It's not endangered. Just the opposite.

Yet once again, UNESCO (and much of western Europe) disregards the facts of history and continues its crusade to commit one of the most diabolical robberies in history. That is, the theft of Israel's 3,000-year-old heritage.

They embrace a version of Muslim history in the land that is not even possible. Islam was founded by a man in the 7th century. UNESCO buys in to the Islamic version of events even though the events in question happened thousands of years before Islam even existed!

July 21st, 2017
Though one would never know it by watching and reading the mainstream media, President Trump's recent trip to Europe for the G-20 was a substantial success.

Many observers have called his speech in Warsaw, Poland "Reaganesque" and "Churchillian." Some say it was the finest speech given by a modern American president.

In it, President Trump articulated the values of the Christian west and asked if we treasure those beliefs enough to defend them. He warned that even though westerners have the strongest economies and the most lethal weapons on earth, if we do not protect and nurture our families, faith, and freedom, and protect our national sovereignty, we will become so weak that we will crumble.

He assured our European allies that America will protect them and not let them fall prey to the energy extortion by which Russia has held them in bondage for many years. Including EU leader Germany.

The adoring Poles constantly interrupted his speech with shouts of "USA! USA! USA!" and "Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!" Polish citizens in Poland! Not Americans in America!

To hear the American press report it, President Trump was virtually a pariah at the G-20 summit. They downplay the fact that various members of NATO are now thanking the President for insisting that freeloader nations carry their own weight. Suddenly, NATO is feeling a renewed vigor and confidence in the face of growing Russian aggression and belligerence.

They don't mention the fact that the recent resurgence of the American economy has become the talk of the world's financial community. And other nations are feeling a great sense of relief. The undeniable fact is that when America is strong, the free world rests easier.

Instead, the press is now claiming that the seeming acceptance of President Trump by other world leaders is nothing more than a cynical strategy on their part.

CNN recently ran a story explaining the ploy: "Some world leaders think the best way to get to Trump is not to rebuke or lecture him, but to flatter him and show him respect."

"Flatter him" is how CNN suggests world leaders will toy with the American President. Apparently CNN doesn't understand that the rest of the world knows that no matter their opinion of an American President, he still governs the world's largest, strongest economy and leads history's greatest military force. Like him or not, other world leaders know they must respect him and deal with him. Not for what he is, but for what America is.

Or maybe CNN knows this, but doesn't want you to know it.

Nonetheless, some say that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas tried this strategy on his visit to the White House last May. He gushed about President Trump's "...leadership ... courage ... wisdom." He applauded the President's "great negotiating ability." He even smarmed that "Now, Mr. President, with you we have hope."

I'm sure the mainstream media gagged on that one -- or at least snickered. See! CNN was right. Flattery will get you everywhere!

But CNN was wrong again.

Flattery didn't get Mr. Abbas anywhere. In fact, the architect of the Palestinian "pay for slay" scheme for promoting terrorism by giving cash rewards to the terrorists' families got a public rebuke from the President of the United States. Something he has not heard for a while!

Standing next to Abbas in a press conference, President Trump told him, "Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded, and even rewarded."


Well, so much for CNN's theory!

Speaking of "theories," some folks are beginning to notice that Pope Francis seems to have a lot of them. Some of which don't seem to agree with the Bible or the historical teachings of the Roman Catholic church.

Writing for the British newspaper, The Independent, Samuel Osborne observed, "During his four years in office, Pope Francis declared evolution is real, assured atheists that they don't have to believe in God to go to heaven, and spoken out against the rise of populism in the west."

Osborne omitted the Pope's radical, almost rabid, promotion of man-made climate change hysteria; his seeming endorsement of one-world government; his whittling away at the church's prohibitions on homosexuality; and his severe tilt toward communism-style social revolution.

On this week's program, I am going to examine a couple of Pope Francis' most radical departures from the tenets of the Christian faith and show you where and how he is promoting error.

Also, this week I am going to give you a brief update on some of the latest developments on the "prophecy news" front. Things that were precisely predicted by Jesus Christ Himself for these days are happening fast and furiously. Of course, they're not nearly as sensational or important as the critical 24-hour coverage of the Russian collusion "nothingburger" (to use Hillary Clinton's words), but I think they're pretty important because they give us a clue about how much time we believers have left on this earth!

I'm also going to tell you what will happen when that time runs out!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

Hal Lindsey Report (6.24.17)
The Trojan's New Horses By Hal Lindsey

Is an American computer virus responsible for the many failed North Korean missile tests?  In March, the New York Times reported, “Three years ago, President Barack Obama ordered Pentagon officials to step up their cyber and electronic strikes against North Korea’s missile program in hopes of sabotaging test launches in their opening seconds.” 

North Korea’s missile program started with a surprising level of success.  But in the last three years, whether caused by U.S. computer sabotage or not, they have had a stunning number of test launch failures. The experts say that North Korean scientists learn from every failure.  While that’s usually true, it may not be in this case.  

The scientists may already know the problem.  It could be that their impetuous young “Supreme Leader,” Kim Jung-un, is pressing too hard, not giving them the time needed to do the job.  If that’s the case, the question is not whether the scientists are learning the lesson, but is he? Kim might also be sabotaging himself in another way.  He has a reputation for impromptu executions and imprisonments.  He may be depleting the talent pool he needs in order to get his missiles working. 

President Obama’s 2014 order for sabotaging missile tests involves techniques that are considered “left of launch.”  That means they start before the missiles leave the ground, or shortly after take-off. 

While bolstering missile defense systems in Alaska and California, President George W.  Bush also used a “left of launch” approach in dealing with North Korea.  He ordered that the supply chain of missile parts be sabotaged, so that the end product would be full of defects. 

Supply lines for rockets go back years.  For instance, two minor mistakes caused Apollo 13’s near catastrophe in 1970.  Both mistakes happened years before the actual space flight.  In other words, the recent test launch failures in North Korea might be attributable to presidential orders from Obama, Bush, or both. In the recent test failures, the North Koreans were trying to do something relatively simple.  

It’s still rocket science, but launching a weapon from the Korean Peninsula to the Sea of Japan should be fairly routine. Many of North Korea’s scientists once worked for the Soviet Union — a nation that put the first man in space, and had a long history of intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Employing such knowledgeable people led to unprecedented success in the early stages of the North Korean program. Usually, missile technology testing shows improvement over time.  But for the North, it’s been a downhill slide, especially for the last few years. On the surface, this may seem heartening to Americans.  

But look a little deeper.  Despite billions in defense spending, the United States is vulnerable to the same sort of mischief wreaking havoc in North Korea. No one has the cash to compete with the United States military budget, but writing computer viruses and trojan horses doesn’t take much cash.  It takes talent and desire.  Computer scientists, software engineers, and hackers are cheap compared to aircraft carriers, cruise missiles, and high end military aircraft.  Yet all of those big-ticket hardware items are vulnerable to computer scientists, software engineers, and hackers. 

A twenty-year-old with a knack for it, could conceivably disable a fleet. We live in a new era of warfare.  The muscle of heavy artillery still has its place, but the computer code necessary for command and control of that artillery had better be bulletproof.  The problem is, no one can ever know for certain that it is actually secure until it is successfully used. These facts should rip away the illusion that American military might makes it invulnerable to attack.  

The U.S. today is as invulnerable as the Titanic was unsinkable. But that’s really always been true.  Psalms 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  (NASB)  It was speaking primarily of Israel during the reign of King David, but the truth contained in those words applies to all peoples of all times — including the United States today. Psalms 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.”  (NASB)  At any given moment, thousands of young men and women around the world stand watch for the United States of America.  Many of them are a long way from home, doing jobs with far too little thanks.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each one. Yet, according to this scripture and others, if America does not turn to God, our warriors’ heroic efforts will wind up being for nothing.  These are the days to humble ourselves and pray.  These are not the days for bragging celebrations, but for humility before the God who created all things.

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