John Ankerberg and  Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

What responsibilities has God given to Christians during any election?

The Muslim religion speaks about Jesus, even calling Him a prophet, yet offers a very different view of both God and of Jesus than found in the Bible. In this program, Ravi Zacharias will help you to discover that those with a Muslim worldview share many of the same questions as others who seek Christ.

Differences Between the Rapture 

& the Second Coming

Step by Step Through The Book of Revelation

Turkey’s Role in the End Times

The Islamic State and Bible Prophecy

Ravi Zacharias Answers Questions from the United States

Hugh Ross and John Ankerberg - Genesis and Science

America’s Role in the Last Days

Dr Jimmy DeYoung | The Three Cities of Biblical Revelation

2016 Prophecy Conference Session 1 | Matthew 24 | Jimmy DeYoung

2016 Prophecy Conference Session 2 | Jerusalem and the Garden of Eden

2016 Prophecy Conference Session 3 | Esau and the Palestinians | Jimmy DeYoung

2016 Prophecy Conference Session 4 | Ishmael and the Coming Islamic Invasion | Jimmy DeYoung

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